Vision And Mission

PWJ Vision is our objective in conducting businesses “To be the leading logistic and support services company in Oil & Gas industry”.


Our mission declares our purpose as a company and standards to maintain the quality for our services.


  1. To develop local businesses to compete in the regional and international markets.
  2. To increase East Java public welfare and accelerate local economic growth.
  3. To comply with the highest standard of health and safety practices in oil and gas industry.
  4. To provide our clients with innovative solutions and a wide range of products and services.

Company Culture

Our values serve as a guidance for our actions and describe how we behave in the business world.


Since the beginning of its establishment, PWJ have formed multiple subsidiaries to expand its business scope.

We aim to extend more services with upcoming challenge, logistic innovative services and solutions for our customers

  1. 2003, PWJ was founded in Surabaya.

  2. 2004, Initiated and developed Lamongan Integrated Logistic and Shorebase (LIS) Located in Kab. Lamongan – East Java.

  3. 2006, Established PT Sampang Sarana Shorebase (SSS). Located in Kab. Sampang – Madura, East Jawa.

  4. 2009, Established PT Sulbar Integrated Shorebase (SIS). Located in Kab. Mamuju – West Sulawesi.

  5. 2010, Start operating PT Petrogas Pantai Madura (PPM). To acquire 10% Participation Interest in Santos Madura Offshore Block.