Our Network

  • PT Petrogas Jatim Utama (PJU)
    PJU is a PWJ’s holding company which is East Java Province Owned Enterprise. PJU engaged in the oil and gas industry both upstream and downstream.
  • PT Sampang Sarana Shorebase (SSS)
    PWJ’s Subsidiary which providing services in the field of logistics operations for the PSC in Madura, with customers ii is Santos (Sampang) Pty Ltd and SPE Petroleum LTD.
  • PT Sulbar Integrated Shorebase (SIS)
    JVC company between PWJ with PT Sulbar Development, the Government of West Sulawesi province, which provides services in Port Management and Supply Chain Management for PSC in the region of West Sulawesi.
  • PT Petrogas Jatim Hilir (PJH)
    PJU’s subsidiary engaged in the downstream oil and gas industry, such as gas trading, SPPBE and LPG plant in Gresik, East Java.
  • PT Petrogas Pantai Madura (PPM)
    PJU’s subsidiary in the form of JVC between PT and PT Wira Usaha PWJ Sumekar (enterprises Sumenep) who received PI 10% in Madura Offshore PSC.